The cast of The Lost Orange

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Kris Kemp

Sarah Nia (beautiful girl)

Nick Searles (handsome man)

Kate Meher (attractive woman)

Cole Blackwell (the Dark side)

Shana Kaplan (the Bright side)

Stuart Engelsen (holding hands couple)

Mary N Frembgen (holding hands couple)

Benjamin Cosso (homeless hippie)

Tatyana Cooper (model)

Byron Hall (kissing couple)

Kenishia Green (kissing couple)

Sinota Odu (selfie couple)

Jess Jiminez (selfie couple)

Chryst Young (hipster couple)


Sean Murdock (camera operator, DP)

Adonys Jiminez (PA – Production Assistant)

Adi Patil (PA – Production Assistant)

Kris Kemp (writer, actor, producer, casting, craft services)

Frank Starfyre (photographer)