The Lost Orange
a chance encounter in the subway leads to unexpected results
script/storyboard: Kris Kemp
bicycledays@yahoo.com / 347-557-5487

About The Lost Orange
The Lost Orange tells the story of a chance encounter, in the subway, that leads to unexpected results.

I got the idea for the story after seeing this video on YouTube

As a guy who lives in New York City, I feel that this scene is familiar and somewhat haunting. Familiar because I’ve been in this guy’s situation, where I’m riding the train and I see a beautiful woman who I’d like to say “hello” to and if I wait too long, she will be gone forever. Haunting because this has happened to me before, not to the point where I’ve stood behind her or followed her out, but more in the aspect of me glancing at her, as she leaves the train, knowing I’m not likely to ever see her again. It’s an opportunity for a possible connection that is lost.

If I am riding the train and I see a girl that I am attracted to, I’ll usually say hello and if she appears open to talk, start up a chat. At the same time, I’m aware that it’s public transport and people have a right to privacy. So, it’s a thin line to tread. All this to say, I resonate with this scene in the movie “Shame”.

Later on, I watched the movie “Shame”. It is an incredibly powerful performance by both Michael Fassbender and Carrie Mulligan.

After watching this movie clip a few times, I started writing the script for The Lost Orange. It’s other influence comes from the original Twilight Zone series. I used to watch the reruns of this TV show as a kid, when it played late nights on the weekend.

After writing the script, I was blessed to gather a cast of friends and find a crew to bring this film to life. Thank you, everyone, for participating.

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